How to save for retirement in your 60s

Your 60s are the time in which you’re most likely to retire – according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, of the Aussies who are planning their retirement, the average age they intend to retire is 65.5 years. But just because you’re getting close to retirement age, doesn’t mean you can afford to stop being … Read more

What you can claim when working from home

Setting up a home office? Here’s how to create a comfortable workspace, while offsetting the extra costs of working remotely. If you’re among those who’s decided to say ‘so-long’ to the office, you’ve probably also realised that having the right home-office set up is essential for your productivity – and sanity. As many of us … Read more

How to recover from a financial setback

Financial setbacks can appear in our lives when we least expect it. Paying back a loan like a mortgage or settling debt can be overwhelming to deal with. As individuals, we must take control and choose how to react in tough times. Here are seven strategies that may help restore your financial wellbeing in 2021. … Read more

How to reassess your spending and budgeting habits

There’s no denying the pandemic has significantly affected the finances of many Australians. Some of us are spending more, some are cutting back on non-essential spending and for others, the uncertainty has challenged us to save money for a rainy day, like never before. According to AMP research, around one in 10 Australian employees feel that … Read more

Find your perfect savings account

Looking for a good savings account can sometimes be a little like looking for a good partner – the honeymoon period might be important, but so is achieving your happily ever after. While different features will suit different people, here’s a bit of a checklist of things you may want to look out for when choosing … Read more

Relationship break-up entitlements when you’re a de facto

If you’ve recently split from your partner or are simply wondering what might happen if you do, you’ll need to keep your financial wits about you. A division of assets and debts, whether they’re held separately or together, may be on the cards. Here are some of the things to be aware of when it … Read more

How to save for retirement in your 50s

For many people, your 50s are your golden years, a time when you may be at the pinnacle of your career and some of the big expenses you needed in your 20s, 30s and 40s have levelled out. But, while it may be easy to slip into a comfortable pattern of splurging on yourself and … Read more

Five Financial habits to start in 2021

Like any habit, our financial behaviours are formed by doing the same actions repeatedly until they’re second nature. That’s great if you’ve got into the routine of saving regularly – but not so good if you’re one to whip out the credit card on impulse. With the right approach, you can turn those less-than-helpful financial … Read more

Redefine your work life

Most of us want to put 2020 firmly behind us. But there were some silver linings from this tumultuous year. One positive was the chance to work from home. Australians whose jobs allowed them to do so discovered there were many personal benefits to working from your own home. You can save time and money … Read more

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