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What’s next for the Australian and global economies?

Key points: 2022 is likely to be the year COVID-19 goes from being an epidemic to endemic. Expect ongoing global economic recovery, albeit with bumps along the way. The spike in inflation is partly due to pandemic driven distortions to demand and supply chains but inflation will be higher over the years ahead than it … Read more

Being a smart Santa with your gift budget

When you’re under pressure to give that perfect present at Christmas it can be much harder to stick to a budget. Find ways to make your gift budget go further with our top tips for giving generously without going overboard on spending. Be prepared Taking time to plan how much you’ll spend on each person … Read more

Christmas Gifts that won’t break the Budget

Christmas is a wonderful time of year in Australia, filled with summer foods, decorations and of course, gift giving. This year will feel even sweeter for many, as friends and family reunite for the first time in months, if not years. Here are a few ideas to help you stretch your Christmas gift budget further, … Read more

Tax deductible donations: Get the most out of giving back

Donating to a charity or cause you care about is a win-win for both you and the charity. Charities rely on the generosity of donors to help them do their work, while you get the satisfaction of supporting a worthy cause. Even better, many donations are tax-deductible, meaning they reduce your assessable income. How do … Read more

Why should I see a financial planner?

Financial planning is something more and more people are considering as a service they need to help them get the best from their finances and focus on putting their money towards what matters to them most. In fact, according to 2020 research, 2.6 million Aussies said they intended to seek help from a financial planner … Read more

Should you merge your finances with your partner?

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed many aspects of our daily lives, and romance is no exception. While lengthy separations have led some relationships to end, other couples are choosing to move in together more quickly than they might have expected. If you’re planning on living together, you might be wondering whether to merge your finances. … Read more

5 steps to better financial goals

Everyone has financial goals. Maybe you want to pay off your mortgage early, stop relying on your credit cards, or go on an amazing overseas holiday (once we’re allowed to travel again). Or you might want to set up good money habits, like investing regularly or look at ways to grow your super. Whatever you … Read more

What alternative assets bring to your super investment mix

Most of us have heard of the main asset classes: shares, property, fixed interest and cash, but alternative assets are less well known. However, these types of assets can provide further diversification and enhanced returns for your super. Alternative investments are those found outside the traditional asset classes. Typical ones include real estate, private equity, … Read more

Market volatility during COVID-19

Market volatility refers to extreme price movements over a given period. These movements may occur in a particular area, such as real estate or shares, and may be upward or downward. Ever since COVID-19 started spreading across the world in late 2019, affecting every aspect of our lives, the term ‘market volatility’ has been hitting … Read more

What happens to my super when I move overseas?

You might be leaving the country for a variety of reasons – career prospects, love, adventure, new opportunities – or you may be returning home. While you’ve probably got a checklist of things to cover off before you jet, spare a thought for any super you might’ve accumulated while you’ve been working in Australia. What … Read more

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