Why should I see a financial planner?

Financial planning is something more and more people are considering as a service they need to help them get the best from their finances and focus on putting their money towards what matters to them most.

In fact, according to 2020 research, 2.6 million Aussies said they intended to seek help from a financial planner over the next two years.

The uncertainty of the COVID pandemic has definitely played a part in highlighting the value of financial advice. In the same survey of non-advised Australians, almost half (44%) said the COVID-19 situation had increased their likelihood of seeking advice.

It’s often the case that people seek financial advice when there’s a major change in their life like buying a home, growing their family, inheriting money or retiring. But it doesn’t have to take a global crisis like Covid-19 or one of life’s upheavals for you to benefit from working out a financial plan with a qualified expert.

A qualified financial planning professional can make a positive difference to your financial future at any stage in your life.

Working with a financial planner isn’t just about making the most of the money you have now. It’s a chance to make the choices, for your life and finances, that will enable you to enjoy peace of mind and work towards your most important goals, starting from today.

Source: Money & Life

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